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The Oakleaf Group, a premier provider of financial analytics support and risk management solutions, was recently awarded two IDIQs on the SEC’s Quantitative Research Analytical Data Support (QRADS) vehicle, a program under The Division of Economic and Risk Analytics (DERA). The IDIQ awards consist of providing support to SEC’s DERA with Analytical Tool Development as well as Analytical Reports and Data Analysis.

Under the Analytical Tool Development IDIQ, Oakleaf Group’s statistical programming analysts will support DERA economists, statisticians and researchers by developing analytic software and tools to process complex SEC data using modern econometric methods, statistical modeling techniques and graphical analysis.  Oakleaf Group will enable SEC subject matter experts to analyze and interpret statistical data, compute supporting metrics, produce reports and generate graphical dashboards and displays. 

Under the Analytical Reports and Data Analysis IDIQ, Oakleaf Group’s Modeling & Analytics team will support DERA economists, statisticians and researchers by providing financial and risk modeling expertise to support supervisory, surveillance and investigative programs, providing support in the collection and analysis of data, and developing metrics, models and reports to support risk assessment programs.

Central to Oakleaf Group’s analytic solutions is our Analytics Execution Framework.  Developed over a decade of building analytic solutions for commercial clients, the AEF consists of proven methods and design patterns for enterprise-scale analytics-based business processes such as data mining, loss forecasting, stress testing and analytic tool development using SAS, VBA, STATA, MATLAB, Mathematica, Perl, R, SPLUS and Python.

Oakleaf President and CEO, Chris Milner, says, “Financial analytics is one of the fastest growing market segments and we’re thrilled that SEC believes in our expertise in this area and is confident that we can help move them forward. As a new player to the Federal field, we’re excited to bring our extensive commercial experience to government clients.”

In addition to data and financial analytics services, Oakleaf provides due diligence, mortgage quality control, and risk initiative consulting services.