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We’re thrilled to announce that The Oakleaf Group has been added to Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings (S&P) list of third-party review firms (TPRs). This important addition to the list indicates that S&P Global Ratings has completed their review and validated that Oakleaf meets the assessment factors discussed in their criteria “Methodology and Assumptions for Rating U.S. RMBS Issued 2009 And Later.” The addition was recently posted on S&P Global Ratings’ publication RatingsDirect ®.

Chris Milner, Oakleaf’s President and CEO, explains, “The S&P team has a rigorous set of assessment factors and we are thrilled to have our process validated against those factors.  Over the last 5 years, with over 40,000 loans reviewed, we created a dynamic system, complete with extensive data fields, intuitive screens, automated workflow with business rules, and comprehensive reporting to meet our QC and due diligence clients’ needs.”

As part of S&P’s assessment, several factors are considered to determine a due diligence firm’s capability to review mortgage loan quality, including: the firm’s experience, systems and infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and internal monitoring standards and processes for underwriters.

Milner described what makes Oakleaf different from other TPR firms, saying, “Oakleaf delivers accuracy at low prices using our own in-house processes, an obsession for automation, and a 100% U.S. based workforce of expert underwriters, eliminating the potential risks associated with offshore resources or use of numerous third-party vendors. We provide lenders, servicers, investors, trustees, and now, securitization sponsors with crystal clear assessments of their loans against relevant criteria.  Our APIs provide our customers’ with real time access to their own data, which eliminates having their data stuck inside the system.”

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