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Jacob Gaffney, HousingWire

The current hiring atmosphere in the mortgage market is certainly a volatile one.

Many mortgage lenders and servicers are cutting staff here and there, moving around personnel, etc. in order to keep up with the shifting sands of this rising interest-rate environment and greater innovations in automated lending services. On the other hand, many others are ramping up hiring, with nearly 3,000 jobs remaining unfilled.

For example, Movement Mortgage recently let some staff go, though plans to add more jobs. Guaranteed Rate is letting around 180 people go after adding 120 new loan officers earlier this year.

Now, according to this ad found on HousingJobs, the Oakleaf Group is about to go on an underwriter hiring spree and is searching the nation for top staffers.

“The good news is that while many lenders/service providers in the industry have been cutting staff, OLG is hiring, and doing so in a big way,” explained Wes Mesirow, managing director at the Oakleaf Group, in an email to HousingWire.

Mesirow said they want to bring on about 100 underwriters with the next month. Be advised, this is for a project that should be wrapped in 6-9 months.

Here’s their pitch:

  • While OLG is based in the DC area, underwriters can be based anywhere in the US. 
  • OLG offers a highly competitive comp package
  • Minimum 6 plus years of residential mortgage underwriting experience with knowledge of private/investor/Alt-A/subprime industry guidelines, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac guidelines as well as understanding of DU, LP and private-label automated underwriting engines strongly preferred.

The Oakleaf Group is a mid-size consulting firm with offices in Bethesda, MD and New York, NY.

Source: HousingWire