EIT Avionics, LLC taking orders!

EIT Avionics LLC Product Launch

December 11, 2019 Leesburg Airport, Virginia
Approved for release:

EIT Avionics is open for business with new products and ready to take orders!

EIT Avionics, LLC celebrated the launch of our new Avionics business with friends and distinguished guests. Leesburg Mayor Kelly Burk gave thanks for EIT Avionics presence in Leesburg. EIT Avionics CTO Joe May, acknowledged the efforts of the engineering design team, pilots, business team and Heron Aero Solutions. EIT Avionics Product Manager Jeff Byrd gave a product overview and acknowledged the support received from nearly 100 individuals from various FAA offices, NTSB, Helicopter Association International, Aircraft Electronics Association, and the United States Helicopter Safety Team.


Joe May stated, “EIT Avionics was founded to develop products that promote aviation safety and efficiency using technology”. Jeff Byrd stated, “FAA and NTSB have great interest in promoting greater usage of data recorders… like our FODR” and “we don’t want to just be a crash recorder or another display, we want you to use data from our system to proactively to prevent crashes… breaking the accident chain”.

Install the FODR® System and improve the way you fly with better data.


About EIT Avionics:

EIT® Avionics LLC brings the technology and product development background of EIT® LLC to avionics, creating products that provide Aviation Safety and Efficiency through Technology.

EIT® LLC is a technology based company that has provided full service Electronic Manufacturing, Engineering and Product Development Services to aerospace, medical, instrumentation, telecommunications and defense related customers for almost 40 years.


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