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EIT Avionics LLC Announces Completion of FAA STC Amendment to Add FODR System Interface to the FreeFlight Systems’ RA 4000/4500 Radar Altimeter, for the Robinson R 44 Helicopter

ESAID® now provides altitude callouts and large, crisp display of Radar Altitude. ESAID® calculates density altitude, power, hover and airspeed performance limitations twice per second, giving the pilot enhanced situational awareness. FODR® and ESAID® are FAA STC approved on the Robinson R 44 II helicopter.

The EIT Avionics FODR® is a high performance data recorder capturing 21 channels 5 x per second. Uniquely, FODR® interfaces with ESAID, a display and annunciation device, to enhance IN FLIGHT situational awareness of critical parameters.

Install the FODR System with FreeFlight Systems’ TSO-Certified RA 4000/4500 and improve the way you fly with better data.