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This week, Oakleaf President and CEO, Chris Milner, met with Georgette Phillips, Dean of the College of Business and Economics at Lehigh University, his alma mater. While in town to speak at an alumni event, Dean Phillips stopped by the Oakleaf office to meet Chris and discuss his tenure on the Lehigh College of Business and Economics’ Center for Financial Services Advisory Board.

The CFS Advisory Board consists of a select group of alumni and friends of the college who work in financial services. They provide expertise to strategically guide the mission and direction of the Center as well as assist the Center’s director with identifying topics, sponsors and speakers for conferences that are hosted by the Center throughout the year. In addition to discussing Chris’s activities with the Center for Financial Services, he and Dean Phillips discussed potential collaboration opportunities between Oakleaf Group and Lehigh University regarding the evolving Fin Tech landscape and the increasing role that data analytics are playing in mortgage lending, servicing and regulatory compliance.